Cogitaas solutions work across countries, industries & corporate. Our work is not limited by geography or sectors, it is based on science, and fundamental needs of business organizations and is global in nature.

During the last year, Cogitaas has worked with 40 products, across developed and emerging markets, in different industries. Clients include Fortune 200 companies. The businesses range from 20 million USD to ~1 billion USD in sales.

“Cogitaas’ work has helped us to understand business issues through data analyses and find solutions to help grow our brands and make them more competitive. They support their predictions with simulations and flag reports through the year.”

Kavita Angre

General Manager-CMI, L’Oreal India

“Cogitaas created an innovative and useful model to optimally expand direct distribution in 11 countries.”

Punit Misra

VP – Customer Development, HUL

“It (analytics and modeling) has given our business fantastic inputs! It helped us to reduce the spend weight, but still gain share through continuity in communication, or use of alternative media channels.”

Japan Chairman of a leading consumer goods company

“Competitive growth requires strategic decisions with regard to branding, variants, consumers’ value drivers, key attributes to win over consumers. Cogitaas’ work has provided clear action plans to win in very competitive markets and help grow our business.”

Deby Sadrach

VP- Marketing – Personal care, Unilever-Indonesia

“This is the clearest presentation I have heard from a consultant and there are definitive recommendations.”

CMO, Australian consumer goods company