List of White Papers


‘Data To Decisions’ a Keynote speech on the Analytics Industry presented at the International Conference on Business Analytics & Intelligence (ICBAI), Bangalore, India organized by IISc & IIM (B). View Presentation



“Measuring Trade Promotion Effectiveness in Emerging Markets” a presentation about the use of Statistical Models in Marketing Analytics presented at International Statistical Conference, in Colombo, Sri Lanka View Presentation



“Brand & Equity Pricing – Pepsico’s Performance Power” – Awarded winning paper 
co-authored with PepsiCo @ ARF NY & California (2015). Rated in Top 10 among 200+ entries.  Click to view ARF video



‘Measuring Pricing Power of a Global Brand in an Asian Market’ paper presented at the ESOMAR Conference in Singapore. View Presentation



Who’s Who in My Transaction Data?’ presented at the International Statistical Conference for ‘Statistical Innovations and Impact in a World of Big and Small Data’, in Pune, India.



Continuous Learning Algorithm on Skewed Data for Optimal Media Purchase’ presented at International Symposium on Business and Industrial Statistics, in Barcelona, Spain View Presentation



‘The Cogitaas Approach’ presented at Marketing Analytics and Data Science Conference in San Francisco, USA View Presentation



‘Data Analytics & the Role of Inference’ presented at International Conference on Business Analytics and Intelligence, in Bangalore, India. View Presentation



‘Unleash the full power of analytics: Give it the space it needs’ presented at Marketing Analytics and Data Science Conference in San Francisco, USA

View Presentation



Hierarchical Models for SKU Pricing in Consumer Packaged Goods Industry’ presented at 61st World Statistics Congress, in Marrakech, Morocco View Presentation

Children of a higher D

The strategy of a company, encompassing its long term vision, is actualised through the process of strategy planning. Analytics needs to “grow up” to streamline that planning process.

Thought Leadership

Interview of Dr Kamal Sen by Business Digest, Applying CVA Perspective to marketing decisions…
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Dr Sen’s work published in Wharton Publication. Driving Superior Financial Performance with CVA. The most important metric you’ve never used…

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International journal publication on marketing accountability. Determining marketing accountability: Applying economics and finance to marketing…
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