In addition to products listed below, we also provide analytical services and products in areas of Category & Industry Forecast, Media Planning, Text Analytics, In-Store Optimization, Market-Basket Analysis, Financial Risk Management, Media Spot Pricing, and Competitive strategy & War-Game.

MMM Plus Plus

Marketing Mix Modelling or MMM has become standard practice in many large corporations to determine their marketing investments. However, does it take into account Brand Equity and a Brand’s key attribute drivers? Unfortunately not and thus is just a partial approach.

Cogitaas has created a unique solution that not only plugs the gap, but provides a holistic approach to determine marketing investments and strategies.

Introducing MMM Plus Plus. Watch the video to see how it works!

Distribution Optimizer

Research has shown that distribution is often the most important driver of growth for consumer goods companies in developing and emerging markets. Thus a good strategy is the key to higher growth. However, current strategy tools provide decision makers with limited support and the huge number of retail stores in these markets only adds to the complexity of the problem.

Cogitaas has developed a solution that allows a business manager to simply input the current data and generate different scenarios of distribution metrics and thereon to sales , market share and business growth.

Introducing the Distribution Optimizer. Watch the video to see how it works!


Research shows that spending on trade promotions is the fastest growing marketing expenditure for consumer goods companies. In spite of that, In-Store promotions prove to be a black box for sales managers as there is no precise way to estimate returns on a particular trade investment in clusters of stores in different market segments and current methods can often be misleading and lead to non-optimal spending.

Cogitaas has created a powerful strategic solution with a simple dashboard that gives managers the analysis they need at the required level of granularity.

Introducing TRoICa or the Trade Return on Investment Calculator.

Watch the video to see how it works!

RTM Optimizer

Distribution is often a crucial driver of growth and to drive distribution in developing and emerging markets, direct servicing of stores is very important, along with other marketing investments. However, the idea that more directly serviced stores means more revenue holds good only up to a point after which the cost of direct servicing exceeds the additional revenue from each new store. This is a fine and sensitive balance.

Cogitaas’ solution calculates all the factors and provides the weights on both sides to reach the revenue sweet spot.

Introducing RTM Optimizer. Watch the video to see how it works!